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The Nature of the Mystical Consciousness

Lorraine Sinkler’s 1980 Palm Beach Class

Tape 1, Side 1: Catalog No. 8001

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The essence of the Infinite Way, the heart and the soul of it, is its mysticism. On this path we do not have to struggle and we do not have to mentalize to attain that which we already have, and which we already are. We only need to have sufficient periods of silence, of inner stillness, so that the Consciousness that is the reality of our being may come forth into expression through our conscious contact with It.

Human consciousness always involves a sense of separation, twoness, many minds, many persons, many powers. How different is that mystical consciousness, which is the consciousness of One, and that One I Am. This is the truth about every person, and knowing it makes us one with all people.

Penetrating the visible to the invisible, we are in the world but see through it. We know that there is only the One, and despite the appearances, we know only that I is operating. Only God Is, and God is forever being, forever appearing as individual spiritual consciousness, totally fulfilled and Self-complete.

Human consciousness is always suffering a sense of separation, and therefore the focus is on taking. It thinks it is dependent on some person or group, even a spiritual teacher or practitioner “out here.” It isn’t true. The fullness of life, everything we will ever need, is embodied already within our consciousness, and we do not have to struggle to get it. All the people who are to be a part of our experience are already there, omnipresent now.

I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly. That I, the spirit of God, is within us so that we might be a light to those who do not know that they too have the Light, already shining in its fullness within them. We are now turning away from seeking and striving to get, in order to be, to be that divine Consciousness that we already are. We are now awakening to the mystical consciousness that “I have meat the world knows not of,” eternal meat that feeds us and sustains us.

Ask yourself—What do I have as that mystical consciousness? In the stillness we hear our answer: I have love, and I can release love to the world in unlimited amounts. The Consciousness that I am has the bread of life to share, the awareness that man does not live by bread alone, but by that spiritual word of Oneness. The mystical consciousness that I am knows no material sense, but It knows the whole of the spiritual universe.

My Kingdom is the center of eternal peace, an all embracing peace, an all-embracing love into which no hatred can ever penetrate. I see neither good nor evil as I abide in that Kingdom within. I have no needs, I have no desires, because all is already available to me, as God, in God and through God. All is already fulfilled. In that Peace there is no discord, no inharmony. My Kingdom is a state of divine completion in which everything necessary to the fullness of life is available at the moment needed.

I turn away from “this world” to that Kingdom within. I have nothing to do with the problems, the sins, the diseases, the lacks, the hates and the struggles of this world, except to have no judgment of them, except to pray, to forgive and to give comfort, and to let flow forth freely to this “vale of tears” the infinite love and compassion of God that is within me. Doing so, I inherit my divine birthright, and this is the blessing that my Father pours upon me, He sees Himself as me and says: “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.” And I in my turn realize: I and my Father are One, and it is my Father’s good pleasure to give me the Kingdom, now, forever, and always.

If we don’t attain this consciousness, we are easily going to be trapped into believing that the world we know with the five physical senses is the only real world. On the contrary, it’s the unreal world because it’s always changing and shifting, whereas the world of reality is a state of being forever complete, always unfolding and revealing Itself to our awareness. We have work to do in this world, work to dissolve human consciousness and rise to a higher dimension of life. All problems are solved, not by meeting them head on, but by turning away from the problem and living out from the truth of spiritual consciousness which knows no problems. All problems are based on human consciousness. But any so-called power of this world can be proved to be a non-power to those who have risen above human consciousness. This ultimately is our mission on this path, to dissolve human consciousness, first for ourselves, and then for the world.

If we learn to go within, without struggling, without desiring, everything necessary is revealed and appears outwardly. What a relief and restful thought that is: Nothing can be added and nothing taken away from that infinite Consciousness that I Am, for I already am fulfilled and Self-complete in God.

Let us now rest in the awareness of our own infinite, already complete Consciousness. That Consciousness knows no disappointments; it does not matter what happens outwardly. We abide in the truth that I am already complete. Let us dedicate ourselves to that realization, turn within moment by moment for that realization, and then live it, and practice it out in the world.

Realize your divine Sonship, your divine heritage as a child of God. Love God, love this Consciousness supremely, commune with It, abide in It, and then let Its light shine through you in all Its fullness and all Its glory. “My glory will I not give to another.” God gives Its glory only unto Itself, appearing as our own divine Consciousness. In the Silence and in the Stillness God glorifies Itself as us, that we might be the instruments for the peace and love and life of God. For God has given Itself as us that we may lift up the consciousness of all mankind. So let us lift up the gates of the temple of our being, that the King of glory within us may shine forth in its effulgence.