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In 1957, Joel S. Goldsmith inaugurated, with the help of Ann and Alec Kuys, the Infinite Way Library Activity. The purpose of the activity is to disseminate the works of Joel S. Goldsmith and of Lorraine Sinkler to libraries and institutions where the books can be made available to all those who are receptive at no cost. This activity was very close to Joel’s heart, and the letters received from those who were blessed by the books were always a great joy to him. At first this book-giving activity was carried on by a number of Infinite Way students. By 1974, it had evolved into an activity handled by Dorothy and Jim Moore in Michigan, where the books were shipped from for the next 25 years.

In 1999, the Infinite Way Library Activity merged with the Valor Foundation. The Valor Foundation accepted responsibility for administering the library activity funds and for shipping the books from Florida.

If you know of a library or institution which would welcome these books, please print out the Book Request Form and either take it or send it to the librarian there. Joel was insistent that books not be given unless a written request had first been received from the library. Please address all correspondence regarding this activity to:

The Infinite Way Library Activity
1101 Hillcrest Dr.
Hollywood, FL 33021 USA
+1 (954) 989-3009

In countries where there are students, the students themselves are encouraged to begin a library activity. Joel advised against playing “Lady Bountiful” to the rest of the world. However, when we receive requests from countries where there is no library activity, it is a joy to provide books to libraries there.