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Ms. Sinkler began as a student of Joel S. Goldsmith, the master.  She eventually edited most of the books that he wrote. As her teacher, he encouraged her to author books on her own.

The Alchemy of Awareness by Lorrraine Sinkler

“The Alchemy of Awareness” reveals with unmatched clarity, Lorraine Sinkler’s experiences of living the principles of The Infinite Way.®

A Spiritual Odyssey by Lorraine Sinkler

Those who are familiar with the teaching of Joel Goldsmith will be fascinated by these letters written to him by Lorraine Sinkler, lecturer, teacher, and author.

The Spiritual Journey of Joel S. Goldsmith by Lorraine Sinkler

The full and authentic story of Joel S. Goldsmith. Much of the book is in his own words, made available to Lorraine Sinkler in conversations, letters, and recordings.