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“The Infinite Way® is never to be organized. It is to remain forever a movement in Consciousness, a movement destined to permeate human consciousness unhampered by the limitations of any form of organization or proselytism of any kind. This would in no way obscure or obstruct the activity, for consciousness draws unto itself its own. Truth can never be organized. Only complete freedom from organization can assure its continued unfoldment.” — Lorraine Sinkler

From the early years of the Infinite Way, Joel Goldsmith discovered in Lorraine Sinkler a working partner for bringing his recorded lecture and classwork together in to the form of monthly letters and books. With her sister, Valborg, she used every spare moment, working late into the night accumulating material from his recordings, until they had material ready for each particular book Joel had requested. He was especially delighted when Lorraine began accepting invitations from around the country to give classes of her own. Joel chose her to write his spiritual biography and provided her with an abundance of material for that purpose.

Lorraine’s writings about the Infinite Way®

Mysticism for Today
by Lorraine Sinkler
Joel Goldsmith’s ‘Infinite Way’ uses practical methods to achieve inner awareness.

Fulfillment In Surrender
by Lorraine Sinkler
When we surrender to the will of God, we release ourselves to unlimited joy and fulfillment.