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Studying the Infinite Way

The Wisdoms found in The Infinite Way came to me over a period of two years. Some students may not understand these Wisdoms because they are not man’s wisdom: God gave them to me, and spiritual wisdom is requisite for an understanding of them. Before they were given out to the public, I released them to a small group of students for study and absorption into consciousness.

Study The Wisdoms earnestly. Live with them day in and day out. Meditate on them and they will open up a way before you — the way of fulfillment.

By Joel S. Goldsmith, The Infinite Way Letters 1958, Chapter 1

We thank The Infinite Way office for allowing us to make the Infinite Way Wisdoms available to you for study. Many students from around the world have discovered blessings and growth in their realized consciousness through the daily study of these precious pearls.

There are two files you can choose from to download The Infinite Way Wisdoms: contains Microsoft Word Documents formatted for printing on “Avery Labels-Business Cards” sheets. These Avery Labels are 8½ by 11 sheets of heavier card stock that are perforated so that, after printing, you can easily fold and separate all the Wisdoms into individual business cards. You can purchase them from most stationary or office supply stores. You’ll want to purchase the labels designated as Business Cards which use Template 8371. These documents have been formatted using that Template. There are 132 Wisdoms. These templates will let you print and separate 132 Wisdom Cards that you can keep in a bowl and shuffle each day. contains Microsoft Word Documents formatted for printing on plain paper. They are formatted with grid lines so that after you print them, you can cut along the grid lines to create the Wisdom cards. Since these will be on plain paper rather than hard card stock, you can place the 132 Wisdom Cards into a paper bag or large bowl so you can shake them up before drawing one each day.

Using either method, you will have a collection of all 132 Infinite Way Wisdoms in a form that will allow you to draw one at random each day. After drawing your Wisdom for the day, you can then turn to the page number in the book, The Infinite Way, which corresponds to the Wisdom’s number on your card. Take the Wisdom and page into your meditations during the day, and as Joel said, “…they will open up a way before you — the way of fulfillment.”