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Lorraine Sinkler
Lorraine Sinkler

Lorraine Sinkler was born in 1904 in Minot, North Dakota. Her parents were Edward Sinkler and Gurly Christiansen and she had an older sister, Valborg. Lorraine later moved to Chicago, Illinois where she was a public school teacher for many years.

Her spiritual journey began in 1949 when she met Joel Goldsmith. Before ever reading any of his books, she knew at their first meeting that he would be her teacher. She worked with Joel closely both as a student of The Infinite Way and later as editor of most of his work. Lorraine opened The Infinite Way Study Center in Chicago and ran that for many years. During that time, she developed the ability for spiritual healing and became a practitioner for many.

From the early years of the Infinite Way, Joel discovered in Lorraine Sinkler a working partner for bringing his recorded lectures and classwork together into the form of monthly letters and books. With her sister Valborg, she used every spare moment, working late into the night accumulating material from recordings until they had material ready for each particular book Joel had requested. He was especially delighted when Lorraine began accepting invitations from around the country to give classes of her own.

Before his transition in 1964, Joel began sending her an abundance of material for this purpose because he had chosen her to write his spiritual biography. In 1973, Lorraine published the book, Spiritual Journey of Joel S. Goldsmith.

In 1988, Lorraine and Valborg formed the Valor Foundation for the purpose of assuring that her work would stay available to students worldwide. In their later years, Lorraine and Valborg lived together in Palm Beach, Florida. During this time, Lorraine held many classes. Valborg made her transition in 1989 while living in Florida.

On July 11, 2000, Lorraine made her transition while living in Juno Beach, Florida.