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Précis and Study Guides

When I first started listening to Infinite Way tapes, it was to be lifted up and to immerse myself in the language and life of this Infinite Way, and to try to bring that living Consciousness along with me into my day.

A long time later, when Lorraine asked me, “What is God?,” it was made horribly clear that I didn’t know the first thing about God, so that my answer to her, after years in the Infinite Way, was “I don’t know.”

This difficult experience moved me to approach the Infinite Way books and class tapes differently.

Now when I listened to a class tape, I asked myself, “What are the main principles in this class?” “What is the main theme binding this lesson together?” “What things can I take from this lesson, into my life to live by?” “What can I do?” “What can I change?” “What principle is especially calling to me, to take in, to live with until it changes my life?”

Lorraine helped so much with wonderful suggestions, and of course continual spiritual help.

Eventually, working with each tape in this way became an extraordinary spiritual experience, and these little précis and study guides were among the fruits.

Dear fellow students, these class tapes are not a literal, material thing. They are a treasure trove of spiritual light, of meat, and wine and water.

If we can find a way to mine these beautiful gems and make them a living experience, the sound scaffolding of our life, then we can be sure of a structure which can uphold us in God’s utter holy beauty and love, no matter what the picture.

So this is one little suggestion as to how to proceed. Thanks to Lorraine’s beautiful work, we can stand on her shoulders and be blessed with a new and wonderful view.

Blessings and love,
A Grateful Student