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Accepting The Responsibility of an Infinite Way Student

Lorraine Sinkler’s 1982 Chicago Closed Class

Tape 1, Side 1: Catalog No. 8201

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A class is not a teacher sitting on a platform with some students listening, but a class is an activity of the One Infinite Divine Consciousness, and each student is that One Consciousness. We just have that realization when we go to an Infinite Way activity, so that every person there may also realize that they are that One Divine Consciousness, omnipresent as individual being.

In our meeting this evening, you sense the peace, the love, the joy, and the understanding that is here. Not because of a room, but because of the consciousness in this room. It is your responsibility as dedicated students to bring that same consciousness to any room where there is a spiritual activity so that those who come will find what they are seeking. For they are all seeking to find themselves, everyone. No one is at peace, and no one is fulfilled, and no one is satisfied, until he has found the Self that he is, discovered that I within him, which is Self-complete, and which needs nothing.

Many people go to an Infinite Way activity seeking to get something. You will go there knowing that all you can be is a transparency through which the infinite givingness of God flows forth into expression. That’s our work. And that’s why we’re here tonight. We’re here to meditate together, to realize that of ourselves we could not lift one person one tiny notch, and that of ourselves we could not do anything for anyone. Of ourselves we have nothing to give to anyone. But we can be still enough and silent enough, and we can attain an inner peace so that the Spirit within, which animates all life, may pour forth as light, illuminating the darkness of human consciousness. This Spirit reveals that where there was pain and disease, lack, limitation, and unhappiness, right there is the presence of All-ness; right there is the Kingdom which is always complete, where the Spirit forever abides, and where I AM.

The Infinite Way is not a book, and as you well know, it’s not a group of people. The Infinite Way is an activity of consciousness that will live only insofar as it is an activity of individual consciousness.

You come here seeking nothing, and I trust, desiring nothing. For to desire is to believe that you lack something. But how can you lack, when you have Infinity as the measure of your being, and you live out from the center of that Infinity? We don’t have to outline how anything is to take place. For there is That within us which knows what needs to come forth, knows what words are necessary, and It puts the words in my mouth and in your mouth, in my mind and in your mind. The mouth and the mind can only be a transparency for that Infinite Wisdom and Intelligence to flow through.

So we have a great responsibility. This does not mean that we have to go to an Infinite Way activity and sit wit a certain kind of grimness, working hard to make something happen. We don’t have to make anything happen. That’s the whole secret of this. That’s the whole secret of the Infinite Way. We don’t have to make anything happen. That’s why we don’t have to get tense about it, that’s why we don’t have to struggle. We just have to rest back in what already Is, and feel the peace of that Is-ness.

We don’t have to make anybody well, we don’t have to supply anyone, we don’t have to make anyone happy. We have to see that supply is already here. Here where? Out here? Oh no. Supply is already here in consciousness, in the consciousness of every person. We have to see that wholeness is already a fact. I don’t have to make anybody whole. My only responsibility is to recognize the omnipresence of Wholeness. I don’t have to use some power to make something happen. I have to know that there is no power, except that One Power. Therefore there is no power to resist the truth of Omnipresence, Omniscience, and Omnipotence.

Let us now have a short period of meditation to realize the One Consciousness everywhere present:
‘No one is outside of the One Consciousness. There are no stepchildren, no one who is separate and apart from that one infinite divine Consciousness. It is a consciousness of Love that knows only the One. Everyone who makes himself a part of this activity is that One Consciousness of wisdom, intelligence, and total receptivity. All those who come to an Infinite Way activity find there peace, and love, understanding, wholeness, and forgiveness.’

Truth is never given to us for ourselves alone. Truth is given to us that we may help to lift consciousness universally. This is the vision of the Infinite Way, that all of human consciousness should be dissolved to reveal the One Divine Consciousness, the Christ Consciousness, as the consciousness of all mankind.