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Realizing God’s Government of the Day

Lorraine Sinkler’s 1978 Palm Beach Class

Tape 2, Side 1: Catalog No. 7816

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The post important part of our day is when we choose, first thing in the morning, to awaken consciously to the truth that “this is not my day, it is God’s day, God is living Its life as me this new and holy day.” Every moment of the day and night there can be this conscious awakening, but choosing first thing upon awakening to establish ourselves in this consciousness that there is only one Presence and one Power, operating as a divine wisdom and love, will set the tone for this new day and give us strength to stand and face every appearance of “twoness” that would tempt us. Choosing to do this early morning work, we choose this new day, this very moment, to enter the holy temple of God’s creation, and to live and move and have our being in God alone.

In this way we learn to live in the rhythm of God, for our eyes are now opened to see the unfolding face of God in action. Then if we stop frequently during the day to remember there is only the One. God Itself operating and no other, we will find that the way will be straighter and the rocks not quite so sharp.

Let us imagine now that we’ve just awakened, and let’s begin this “morning” with a meditation in which we establish ourselves in the consciousness of that one Presence and Power.

Thank You God for this beautiful new day in which to glorify You, not to glorify me, but that You may be glorified and show forth as the fullness of life. You brought this day into being and the responsibility of governing this day in harmony and peace and love is yours, not mine.

Today I bear witness to God in action. I am a beholder of the one Activity expressing in a unique and individual way, as each and every person. Wherever I go this day, I meet only this one Presence, which is the presence of Love, and It is the love that flows out from me and returns to me as every person I meet.

This day I go forth clad in the armour of one Presence and one Power so all pervading that there is nothing else. It is God within me that brings me the work of this day, and that same Spirit within me performs it. I am but the instrument through which Its activity is expressing always as fulfillment, completeness, and wholeness. Because I am aware of this one Presence and one Power and one Wisdom, I am not vulnerable to outside suggestion that there are any hindrances or barriers or blocks to the activity of God. I live today, not yesterday, and not tomorrow. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow never comes. So today, right now, I drop all concern for the past or the future, and I live this day knowing that “Thy grace is my sufficiency.” It is Thy grace that supplies me, that sustains me and maintains me. Having Thy grace I need nothing, I seek for nothing. For I live as a witness, beholding, not creating, the divine harmony and utter holy beauty of God in action.

Notice that it is not we who are the doers; we are the witnesses and the instruments through which this activity of God is flowing. Just as a hammer is used, so are we being used by that divine Presence. We are not doing this work, whatever it is, but It is doing the work through us. When we become fearful and tired, it is only because that truth is forgotten momentarily. As we drop the sense of separation and turn again to the truth that God is appearing as us, and that we are Its instrument, we find ourselves standing still and rejoicing at how much that divine I can do in us and through us.

You may start out the day feeling completely and thoroughly established in that divine Consciousness, but then it is so easy to fall for the appearances of “this world,” for the judgments and so called laws of the carnal mind, which are floating around in the atmosphere, broadcasting on television, written up in the newspapers. Instead of taking it in and saying, “Oh that’s pretty dreadful,” because you hate it and you fear it, come back to the truth that is pouring Itself forth from within you—there is only the one Presence and Power operating and there is nothing else, no thing, no person, no condition, no activity—only the Holy One.

It takes persistence and practice, above all practice, to remind yourself, “Oh no, I do not have to accept this picture because I know there is only the One.” At first we think it consciously, but the time comes when it is so established within us that it is our very own consciousness, flesh of our flesh and bone of our bone.

We never use truth as formula, or as an affirmation. It’s the truth whether we affirm or don’t affirm it! With an affirmation we are trying so desperately hard to make something come true that we get worn out before the day begins. We don’t need these “vain repetitions” to try to make something happen, we have only to remind ourselves God already Is, this already is a spiritual universe, unfolding in the way of God, as the will of God.

We don’t need “do” anything but tune in to this truth; then we can stand on it, and practice it and know that this disturbing appearance before us is “an arm of flesh,” only a temptation to believe that there is another power or another presence other than the One. We stop a moment if necessary and listen within for God to reveal Itself, we touch the divine Identity that is flowing from within us and we know God alone is the truth, and not this appearance. Perhaps something further pours forth, and we remember: “The Lord God omnipotent reigneth,” and that’s it, we feel it, we know in our very bones that this is the truth, and there is nothing else. Now we can rest back in that Word. Here is the divine Grace that is our sufficiency in all things, given to us as an everlasting love, and when we rest in that Word, we rest in the presence and the power and the purpose of God.