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The Living God of Love

Lorraine Sinkler’s 1978 Palm Beach Class

Tape 1, Side 2: Catalog No. 7815

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God is omnipotent divine Love. It is the all and the only power, yet It does not have the power to punish sin, nor does It have the power to give or withhold. This is difficult for students even on the mystical path to understand and harder still for those reared in the orthodox belief of a vengeful, jealous God, ready tp penalize every sin, and who will only give forth if we say the right words, make the right sacrifices, or pray enough. What we on this path must realize, is that the idea of a punishing, withholding God is only a concept, and not God Itself.

When people say they love God, and they have a fearsome, vengeful concept of It, I think they must be saints. I could not love that kind of a God. True, if we do something harmful to ourselves or to another, we do suffer, but it is not God that brings the suffering. It is we who remove ourselves from the awareness of God that cause the suffering. It is our sense of absence from God that makes us suffer, for then we feel bereft of Love.

God is still there loving us, and is us, but we in our ignorance think that by human “badness” we can be separated from Its all-embracing Love. We think human “goodness” will bring us closer, whereas neither goodness nor badness can affect the love of God. God’s love just is, and It is everlasting, unconditional and always available. So let’s drop any idea of a giving or withholding God; instead let’s focus on the essential principle that we are to realize and live out from: God is an omnipresent All-Love. It is the only power, intelligence, and activity, and beside this Omnipresence there is no other, no matter what the appearance.

God is an omniscient All-Love which is always in operation. It is governing this spiritual universe, and it is governing our life. Only many of us are not aware of it, or if we are, we are not consistently enough aware of it, and so it seems as if we are not under the Divine Government. But if we will become quiet enough (Oh that word quiet! It is so important. Not a multitude of words, but a deep inner silence), if we will learn to become sufficiently quiet, we will become aware of God’s government of all this spiritual creation.

God is Love, and we may be sure that Its government is one of Love, infinitely perfect Love. In that divine government of Love there is no punishment, because in Love there is no hate, no retribution, no making someone suffer. There is only that absolute Love, pure and unconditioned, and It knows there is nothing, really, to forgive or to punish. That is all the human picture, and God does not dwell in the human picture nor does It play any part in it. God dwells in His Kingdom, and reigns omnipotent in that Kingdom.

That Kingdom of Allness, is available now, and where is it? It is within you, and within me. So let us release this idea of a punishing God who keeps us from My Kingdom. That is the God believed to be in the Old Testament, yet many sages and prophets found in this sacred scripture understood well and revealed, the God of Love. And it is certainly not the God that the great Master Christ Jesus taught about. To him God is Love; to him, in Love there is no retribution; to him every person is instantly forgiven, not because God punishes or forgives, but because God Is.

As we become quiet and still, and bring ourselves into the presence of God, into His holy courts, we become aware that none of that which we regret, which we wish we had not done, none of the evils and the sins of which we have been guilty, were ever really a part of us. They are all the hypnotic dream of being separate and apart from God. They are a product of believing that we live in a material universe of good and evil where we are withering and dying. Out of that hypnotic suggestion come dream acts of desperation called acts of evil; sometimes they are called good; but they are always mental images and never the reality of Being.

The reality is that God knows all, and God knows only His beloved Son, which you are and I am. We are the Beloved of the Father, held in those everlasting arms of Love in a tight embrace, so tight that it can be said that God will ever let us go. In our ignorance and fear we may try to run away from God. You know that Jonah tried it, but just like him we cannot escape God. That divine Love is always there, nudging us and saying: “Why don’t you listen to Me? I will lead you in the way everlasting; step by step I will lead you to spiritual fulfillment.”

Yes, so great is the love of God that Its will for each one of us is spiritual fulfillment, joy, peace, understanding, life everlasting. So great is God’s love for us that It has given Itself as us. It appears as individual being, so that there is no separation between God and us. There is only that one divine Being, that one divine Presence which leaves room for no other.

That infinite Presence, that living God of Love, does not withhold, because It is a givingness, and since God is forever pouring Itself forth, as love and light and life and truth, It really is not even giving, It just Is.

God is Being, and we can be content and satisfied to realize that beingness of God.