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Arise And Go Unto I Within

Lorraine Sinkler’s Noonday Meditation Classes

Tape 1, Side 2: Catalog No. 6603

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Sometime in our life, each one of us must make a decision. We must decide that we have spent long enough using truth as a plaything and that now we are going to dedicate ourselves so that truth can use us, so that we can be instruments as which truth is being shown forth to the world. This must always be an act, and until we make this commitment, this act of consciousness, we are still wandering around in the world as if we were cut off as if we were separated from the Father’s house.

Many times this commitment comes at a time when we are so down in the valley that there is no place we can go except up. Then we are like the Prodigal who finally reaches the stage where he says: ‘I will arise and go unto my Father’s house,’ and finds the Father reaching out, revealing that He was right there all the time, and never had he left the Father’s house. How is that possible? ‘Because I and my Father are one and inseparable.

In this moment of awakening, of turning, we discover that right where we are is the Father’s house, within us is the whole Kingdom of Heaven, and always the Father has been speaking to us, saying:

‘Come unto Me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Wake up to Me within you, all ye that have taken on the burdens, the beliefs and the temptations of ‘this world.’ Make the return journey in consciousness, discover Me at the center of your being and I will give you rest from all thought-taking, from all mental struggling, striving, and battling. In Me there are no powers external to you. When you abide in Me, not all the weapons of this world can touch you, because ‘this world’ no longer has dominion over you.

‘Now in this resting, I within you gives you the dominion you had with Me from the beginning. In the assurance of that dominion, rest and be at peace. Rest in the one Power, so infinite, so all-inclusive, that there are no other powers. Anchored in this one Power, all the so-called powers of ‘this world’ fade, dissolve, and disappear into the nothingness they always were.

‘I within me am the only Life, the one Life which is never sick and is never well. It is never rich and never poor. It just Is, a state of pure Being without qualities, without quantities. The life that I AM ‘ Is, and It Is now, and It always Is in all Its wholeness, and completeness. Nothing from outside can act upon that Life, for that Life is omnipresent. It fills all space, so that there is only the presence of the perfect infinite divine Life.

‘I within me am the substance of all form, spiritual substance, light, a substance that knows no degeneration, decay or disintegration, but is eternal, self-maintaining, self-sustaining substance. I am that substance. I form my body of that pure substance, and use that body as my vehicle and my instrument. My body is subject only to the I that formed it. I am a law of perfect activity that maintains every function and activity of the body, just as I maintain the sun, the moon, and the stars.

‘Within me is the Creative Principle of life, the Cause. Nothing out here is Cause, but I at the center of my being am the one and the only Cause.

‘I within me am mighty, mightier than any suggestion that may assail me. Therefore, I shall not fear for all the armies of the aliens, for all the hypnotism of this world. I stand still in the midst of it, unafraid, untouched, with the assurance, that there is no other.

‘I am the light shining in the darkness. Now that Light is growing brighter, and all the shadows fade. Fear not for I am with you, and there is no circumstance or condition in which you can find yourself where I am not, even in hell, I go with you. I go with you wherever you go because there is no you separate and apart from Me. When you learn to listen to Me within you, I will live My life as you. I will never fail you, and you will never fail if you will listen to Me. I will take you from glory to glory and show you the infinite peace and joy and harmony of ‘My Kingdom’ within you. In ‘My Kingdom’ the flames do not burn and the waters do not drown, there love abides, and in no wise shall enter in anything that defileth.’

In meditation we must reach an inner Silence which is the substance of our entire experience. Out of this Silence flows everything necessary for the fulfillment of our life every single moment of the day. Therefore be sure that every day you are anchored and enfolded in this Silence, that your whole being is bathed in this pool of contentment. Then you are awake, and only in that way are you awake.

We are here for just one purpose, to ‘awake thou that sleepest.’ Every one of us is in a measure sleeping. We are dreaming that we are a human being under material laws and mental laws. And so now arise, arise into a new dimension of life in which the powers of ‘this world’ no longer operate as power. Arise above every suggestion, arise out of every temptation. Arise and shine and be, for the Light within you is revealed, and the glory of that Light shines out to lighten the way, for us and for all who come within our orbit.

‘Arise and shine, for thy Light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.’