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Arise And Go Unto I Within

Select what is most spiritually inspiring to you, meditate upon it and work with it until it hears fruitage.

THE MYSTICAL I by Joel Goldsmith, Chapter I

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‘The Kingdom of God is neither lo here, nor lo there, the Kingdom of God is within you.’

Questions are good for a meditation. You could take this question:
‘What am I?’

That’s not the easiest thing in the world, but you could toy with it. And sometimes when nothing comes to you, you can just quietly, to yourself say the word I, to keep your attention centered on this I. Bit by bit, will unfold the nature of your being, what you are and who you are, and the quality and the quantity of your being.

You could take any word and ask what it is, ask for inner light on it. Truth is an especially wonderful word to work with. You find it represented in the Bible symbolically as stones, and that is the truth which is the letter, solidified and crystallized. Then there is the truth which is the water, which becomes realization, and the truth which is the wine. This truth becomes fruitage. So you can see truth is represented in many ways in the Bible, and when you turn within and ask: ‘What is truth,’ you will find your own inner unfoldment on it.

So it is for any other question you may have, such as:
What is Soul?, What is Consciousness, or What is life?
(If you find working in this way helpful, you might also want to look up page 21, paragraph four and five of Awakening Mystical Consciousness.)

‘Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that preceedeth out of the mouth of God.’

I recommend that in your meditation at home, you follow some such procedure as to take a question or a word or a biblical quotation, and chew on it, dwell on it, until its inner meaning comes to you. After a few weeks, you may want to let it alone and then come back to it again and again and again, until you really feel you’ve found its inner meaning, until it becomes flesh of your flesh and bone of your bone.

Questions for meditation
Do I understand the principles of:
Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience’
‘Abide in the deep well of contentment.
I Am. It Is.

Have I meditated enough upon these principles, so that now I can rest in them, and begin to live out from them?

An act of commitment
We dedicate ourselves by an act of commitment.
We turn from ‘this world,’ in all its attractive ‘goodness’ and ‘evil.’
We arise from needing to help, though we help at every level called upon,
We arise from ‘resisting evil,’ because we no longer accept or fear those pictures.
We arise as this Word becomes our bread, our meat, our wine, our water:
‘the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth,’ ‘I AM THAT, and so is my neighbor, and so is my enemy.

‘I will arise and go unto my Father’s house.’
In my Father’s house, by Grace, I release all desire for a life of my own—
there I arise and dedicate myself as an instrument for God—that God alone live Its life as me.

This is the sacrifice I bring to the Temple, not of my own ability but by Grace I give all up to God before I enter. This is a daily dedication and a moment by moment dedication.

Entering the Temple
It says within me:
‘I stand at the door and knock.’
In the Silence, I surrender, and pray:
‘Enter, Lord. Speak Lord; for thy servant heareth.’