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Relationships and Home

Select what is most spiritually inspiring to you, meditate upon it and work with it until it bears fruitage.

PRACTICING THE PRESENCE by Joel Goldsmith Chapter V

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Basic Spiritual Principles found in this Lesson

1. The Nature of God: God as Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresence, Omniaction.

2. The nature of individual being: God as that I which is pure Consciousness, and not physicality. God itself appearing as individual being. Therefore: all being is God being, all being is infinite and there is no such thing as limited or material being.

3. The Nature of God as One: God the Infinite One. God, one infinite Presence, one infinite Power, one infinite Intelligence, one infinite Activity, one infinite Self, all the Infinite One, beside which there is no other.

Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto Me.

Let us begin the revolution of love. The joy of loving is in the joy of sharing God’s love. Where does this love begin? This love begins at home, in our own family. And it can spread like a burning fire, from home to home until it spreads across the world. I call this the revolution of love. — Mother Teresa

The only love we have to share is the love with which God loves us. It is the only real love we have to love with. It is the only love which blesses us as we let it in, and it is the only love which blesses all those we come in contact with, as we let it pour out into the world. And pour we must, for this must be realization and action, God-in-action.

To live and move and have our being in God’s love is to live out from the two great commandments of which Jesus spoke. First: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and all thy soul and all thy mind. And the second he said is like unto the first: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

To love God with all our heart and soul and mind, to have God and only God as the reality of our life, of our very being, is to love our neighbor as our self. It is to have no other neighbor except God, though he be called family, friend, or foe. And to see our neighbor or our self as any other than God is to keep God out of our life and out of our experience. So the way of return from our prodigal journey is to recognize only one relationship, the relationship of God to Itself, and to see that we must live out from that, and only that.

So let us return now, unto the Father’s house, by making a commitment that every single day we will have a meditation for our home, for our household and everyone in it, and that includes ourselves. That every single day we realize the truth about the household of God, which is the only home we have and the only home there is. We should do this even if we live alone, because no one ever lives alone who knows the truth. We always have a constant companion that never fails us and never leaves us; that companion is the presence of God, the very Self of our being.

How wonderful to see that our family, our husband or wife, or children, aunts, uncles and cousins are not human beings subject to two powers, but they are the Presence of God Itself, individualized, subject only to the one law of divine Love. And that Presence is always there revealing Itself as that Love, and as understanding, as joy, as givingness, as peace, and only as those qualities of God. No other quality but that of God expressing as person has any power, because no other quality but God’s is real. If we could realize that, then so it would be to every member of our household.

If there are those who cannot respond, whether they remain in our household or are spiritually removed, we ourselves will not be bound or limited or made unhappy in any way by their presence or absence. For we will be established in God, resting in the unfoldment of God as our life, God as our household and as our every relationship. We will rest assured that every relationship is already Self-fulfilled, Self-complete, needing nothing added to it, nor anything taken away, because it is already whole and holy, and unfolding as the glory of God. And we will rest assured that the love of God blesses us, and blesses every member of our household. For whether they are in the household or moved somewhere else, they are being held, just as we are, so very close in those Everlasting Arms of Love, and being blessed to rise higher in consciousness.

So let us realize every day something of this nature:

My home is the abiding place of God. It is the temple of God, a divine expression to show forth the infinite abundance in which there is no lack or limitation, in which there is only the all-embracing love of God, the all-pervading peace, the harmony and the beauty of wholeness. Into this holy temple which my home is, nothing can enter to cause disruption, inharmony, disease, lack, evil of any kind. For there is nothing in all this universe but the spirit of God. There is nothing but that blessed I That I Am, and this is the truth about all this household. And so to each and every member of this household I say: “My peace I give unto you. A peace that is not dependent on external conditions. My love I give unto each and every person in this household, for I love everyone in this family as my Self, which he is. Yes there is only the one Self, and all the activity in this household is taking place within the one divine Consciousness. There are not two, there is only the One. This eliminates the possibility of any misunderstanding, conflict or withholding, for I cannot withhold from my Self. I can only behold my Self as that holy One, unfolding as the glory of God. And to that holy One I pour out my joy, and my peace, as an action, as God-in-action pouring out of a heart bursting with love.

To have such a realization daily, and more than once daily if necessary, could not help but insure the spiritual integrity, and reveal the beauty of holiness, which is the reality of our household.