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Relationships and Home

Lorraine Sinkler’s 1977 Lombard Illinois Special Class

Tape 1, Side 1: Catalog No. 7713

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This is a spiritual universe, peopled only by spiritual consciousness, by the sons and daughters of God. There is no one else. There is no evil person in all this world, and there is no good person. There is only God Itself appearing as infinite individual being.

A household could well negate that principle and one could say: “Oh no, I cannot accept that because in my household there is something more than God appearing, closer to the devil.” And so it sometimes looks. But we are of that small group of people who know that we cannot judge by appearances, and that we cannot afford to let anyone in our consciousness, not anyone at all, except God. This applies to our every relationship, to our social companions, our business associates, our family and community, as well as to the world at large.

To practice this is not easy, for the appearance always is that there are minds many, conflicting ideas and opinions, conflicting characteristics of hate, of fear, of miserliness, of profligacy, of love (yes a certain kind of love is a human thing), and so forth, expressing as person, as our husband, as our wife, or as our children or our parents, or so it appears. But we go right back to the simplicity of the principle which is found in that little word “as,” that there is only God appearing as individual being. It is not God “and,” but God as. There is no God “and.” There is only infinite divine Consciousness appearing as individual consciousness. Into that consciousness nothing of a discordant or an evil nature can enter or can operate, for there is only the One. That One is infinite, and leaves room for no other. That is our stand. And in that realization and practice, every problem concerning our relationship to each other can be resolved, because in that realization and practice is revealed our spiritual relationship.

I know, very well, that it is tough to look at someone we see every day and be able to see that right there is the presence of God Itself, but that is the answer. We’ve got to do the inner work that lets us see every person as the Christ, as that divine Consciousness individualized, and that our only relationship to that divine identity is to bless and be blessed.

What is the person that we find so difficult? Who is that person? That person is not who we see. What we are seeing is our mental concept of the person, our karmic conditioning that judges good and evil in relation to that person. Karma and its conditioning is not truth, it is not divine law, it is human law. It is only a mental concept about divine law and how it works. The only law which is true is the law of God. And that law acts, always, as a grace of unconditioned divine Love. It finds Its source in an infinite divine Presence, Power, Intelligence, and Activity which is Self-complete, perfect, divine Beingness and Identity. It is ever available to us as we turn to It, no matter what the picture, and It is what and who we all are, in reality.

So let’s get busy and turn away from these concepts that keep us distracted from our Source. They only exist in the dream that we are human beings separate and apart from God. They are temptations only, having no power, no substance, no law or cause to maintain them or sustain them. So let us realize that right here where there seems to be a person separate and apart from God, right here is that spiritual Presence, possessed only of the qualities of God, of a divine, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, omniactive Love. And the only power this person has, is to express all that God is, and only that. And the only reality any relationship has to unfold, is the relationship of God to Itself, unfolding glory to glory.

As one person in a partnership works with this principle, not for one day but for weeks and months, something happens. Why must we persist in this way? Not to change anything “out here” in the world of appearances. But to change our concept of what we are seeing, of who our partner is, and who we are in reality. The whole activity, the whole “problem,” must be resolved within our individual consciousness if we are to live out from the principle that there is nothing going on in our experience that is real, except as an activity of consciousness.

We know when the change has taken place, because whereas before we might have been moved to anger, or fear, or some other emotion, now, in the same situation, we no longer react that way. We are no longer disturbed. We are seeing through the appearance to what is really there. And the reality that we see always welcomes us with divine Love, for divine Love is the glue, and the substance, and the only power unfolding every relationship.

It takes a lot of practice. It takes a great deal of work, inner work, to reach the point where we can look at the appearance of a “faulty” person and be able to see that that is not the person. To absolutely know in our heart, in our soul, in our mind, that the only presence here is that of God Itself behind that persona, behind that mask, and that there isn’t anything else there that is real.

Let’s have the courage to stand on this principle. Let’s go within to have a realization of it, and let’s carry it with us always. And the beautiful thing is we can meditate with our eyes open, we can meditate when no one knows what we are doing. We can have that area of consciousness always open and receptive to the spiritual impulse. That spiritual impulse which flows right from the Source is infinite intelligence, it is all-love, and all-power. When that is brought into operation in a situation, whatever the problem, it is as a shadow that is brought before the light.

Now, the problem may not dissolve the way we think it should, and sometimes we are tempted to think the work has failed because of that, because we are so sure we know the answer. But we must remember that the whole point of this path is to let God live Its life as us, to release ourselves wholly and completely to Omniscience, to that infinite Wisdom. We must really mean it when we pray: “Not my will, but Thine be done.” We must learn to rest in that, to let our real life, our spiritual life, unfold from that surrender. Then it will be so unto us, and the windows of heaven will open, and we will have an experience of boundless bliss as we behold the holiness of divine Love.