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Practical Applications of Spiritual Principles

Lorraine Sinkler’s 1970 Miami Butterfly Class

Tape 2, Side 1: Catalog No. 7002

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Our work is to realize what Is, that it Is already, and we don’t have to make it happen. It now Is. Perfection now Is. The Wholeness now Is. The vision now is clear to behold the beloved Son of God and the ceaseless Activity of the Spirit. It is “closer to me than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.” “I and my Father are one,” and so is my neighbor, and so is my enemy, now, inseparable, one with God, one as God and there is nothing else.

We rest in this awareness, realizing what is seen as harmful is only the concept, the mental image, and has no real substance. It is not a power, it is a nothingness, and so we drop the picture, letting what really is there be revealed. And so instead of “evil” we see the divine Substance, the spiritual Activity, the presence of God.

Standing fast in these principles, no matter what pictures are hurled at you, develops your consciousness. At first it may only be words, but eventually it goes beyond them and becomes a conscious awareness of God Being.

Remind yourself: I’m not trying to change anything. It already Is. This is but a superimposition, tempting me to believe that there is something other than the One. Then settle down into your meditation upon the divine Activity, the one Life, the one Presence, until you are enveloped in the Robe of the Spirit, and It will reveal to you that your real purpose in this life is to be a beholder, a witness to God’s glory and God’s grace in action.

Take the members of your family into your consciousness every day. Sit down for one of them, then drop the person and realize the truth about spiritual Being, the spiritual Universe, and the nothingness and the non-power of every kind of human appearance. If someone is particularly difficult, do this many times a day. Every time that person comes to mind, come back with the truth that this that is appearing as wickedness or sickness, is not the Beloved Son of God, this is not the person, this is a universal suggestion that is coming to me, not to him. I am sitting here recognizing God’s grace right now operating as individual being, and there is nothing else.

We don’t fasten the “picture” on the person by condemning. We don’t deal with the person. We recognize the cause of evil as the universal belief that there is something other than the One. We see that “evil” hasn’t anyone on whom, or through whom to operate. Thereby we render it of no power, and a nothingness, no thing ness.

Likewise take your home, your household into your consciousness, and realize:

This is not a human household: this is the household of God. This is not a household made up of mother and father and children. In this household there is only the One, the divine Consciousness, and It is the husband, It is the wife, It is the children. Because there is only the one divine Consciousness, there can be no lack of integrity, no lack of honesty, nothing of a destructive nature, no misunderstanding. The whole activity of this household is taking place within that one divine Consciousness, which is my individual Consciousness, which is God consciousness. Within that pure spiritual Consciousness there is nothing of an evil nature that can operate. The beliefs of this world, that act as disruptive and disintegrating forces in family life, can find no operation, no avenue in this household of God. This home is God governed and God maintained, because I am consciously realizing that. Economic problems cannot affect the stability of this household. God alone can be revealed as the identity, and the operation of this household, which is not my household, but which is the household of God.

Nothing is going to happen in our experience except as an activity of consciousness. If we want our family and friends God governed, we must maintain our conscious awareness that the government is on His shoulders.

If you are in business, don’t leave your business alone, do something about it. Take it into your consciousness, by sitting down to meditate for it, then drop it, and realize the nature of business as an activity of God and the nature of every individual who is a part of that business as God appearing. Meditate as often as it takes for you to feel at peace, and until you feel that all is well.

This can be done with every activity in your experience. Do it with your body. Every day release your body to God’s government and realize that it is maintained in its perfection and wholeness by the Consciousness which formed it in the beginning, and that it is of the substance of Consciousness, not material but spiritual, the showing forth of God’s activity, God’s wholeness, God’s perfection.

Take supply into your consciousness every day. Don’t wait until your purse is empty, and you’re up against it. Do it now, when all is well. Realize that supply is not money, that you can never measure supply by bank accounts or stocks and bonds. It is not dependent on “man whose breath is in his nostrils.” Supply is the invisible Consciousness which I Am. Therefore no matter how it looks, I already am living out from the infinite abundance of Spirit. I do not seek it, it cannot come to me, for because it is God, it is omnipresent, here and now.

Give your “first fruits” to God. Get up a half hour early every morning so that you can have a period in which to establish yourself, your home, your body, your business, or whatever your activity, in this Presence, so that you are not going through the day drifting, hoping everything’s going to be well. Established in the Presence you go through the day having the dominion over the concept that there can be any lack, limitation, inharmony, discord or disease in God’s spiritual universe. This becomes such a part of your consciousness that nothing can swerve you from your realization; no matter how it looks, you know God Is, and there is nothing else.