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Practical Instruction On Healing Meditations

Lorraine Sinkler’s 1970 Miami Butterfly Class

Tape 1, Side 2: Catalog No. 7001

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Our work in The Infinite Way is to dissolve the human state of consciousness so completely that there is only the Divine Consciousness, I expressing and revealing Itself.

There still may be what appears to the world as real and very difficult problems, but you no longer give them power. You don’t keep a problem in mind, letting it go around and around. You go back to the principles. They are your ladder to climb up to the “Circle of God.” God is the only truth there is, so you drop the problem. You sit down to meditate, and learn to listen. From the little bit you do know, something will come. Just hold to that, keep your attention focused, until eventually will come a realization, an awareness, that sets you free.

The words you are thinking, the contemplative meditations you have, never heal anyone. Yet they’re very important. Remembering these truths brings the state of consciousness that can be still. Saying, “Be still and know that I am God,” doesn’t make you still. The Truth that flows from within you does the work.

There is nothing that has to happen, because all already Is. The lions and tigers of this world may try to claw you limb from limb, but you must stand on the truth that right here where I am Omnipresence Is. Right here “The Peace that passeth all understanding,” Is, and nothing in “this world” can take It from me.

“Great peace have they who love Thy law.” Thy law of love knows only the One Presence, the presence of Peace, the presence of Wholeness, the presence of the Truth that makes free. In that Presence there cannot be any discord. There can be no warfare of any kind, warfare in the body, warfare in the world. There is no “me,” there is only the One, God Itself, I, manifesting, expressing, and revealing Itself as individual being.

That’s treatment. That’s contemplative meditation. Working in that way, a great wave of stillness and quietness comes. When that moment of Silence steals over you, that’s it. That’s it for then.

This is the practice that helps us rise into the mystical consciousness. We glimpse it, and have moments when we are in it. Then once again, the old pain kicks up, or some suggestion from the world pushes at us, and we’re back again in the world, back in this consciousness of two powers. So you come back to the principles, but it wont be a formula. You may have to come back ten, twenty, thirty times a day, and ten, twenty, thirty, forty weeks. I hope not forty years, but all right, so be it, you keep coming back.

When you are just beginning this practice of contemplative meditation or treatment, it may come haltingly, and it may be only words. But doing it over and over, with devotion and dedication, and not with memorized formulas, is practicing your scales. Eventually the time comes when the statements of truth sink down below the level of the mind, and become your renewed and restored spiritual consciousness.

You have a beautiful meditation. You reach the state of peace, and then unless you’re very careful you find yourself looking for the “healing.” Joel has said about that: “You’re peeking! You can’t peek!” Why? Because the minute you begin to look for the condition to change, you’re right back on the human level, the level of the opposites; you’re believing there’s something that has to be changed. So you’ve got to start all over again.

To attain the consciousness of healing from a mystical standpoint, one must go through the metaphysical, the principles, which are the ABC’s of The Infinite Way. We can’t skip them. Joel, with his high state of consciousness, went back many, many times to the ABC’s to lift him up. Don’t be too “advanced” to do this; don’t let the little “I” think you’re at calculus. If you will make the principles your own, you will do the kind of work we all aspire to, which is to be a pure transparency through which God pours Its blessing to all the world.

Many people say: “I feel so inadequate when I’m faced with a problem.” Such a reaction is appropriate. I don’t know how anyone could feel anything but inadequate. However, you shouldn’t be confused, not knowing what to do. There should be an attitude of unknowing that can simply rest and relax as it approaches every problem with a confident, expectant attitude, waiting for what is to come through. It rests content that I, God, Is and will make Itself known. Then something usually comes from inside. Contemplative meditation may flow, or it may be something so powerful that, that’s it, you’re finished. That is the Word that is “quick, and sharp, and powerful.” It is the Word which becomes flesh, but only when it comes from within.

It takes practice, so you may say to me, I don’t have anyone to practice on because nobody asks me to help him. That’s not true. You have all your relatives. That ought to keep you busy for quite a while. You have all your friends and your neighbors and you have the whole world. So you have plenty of opportunity to practice, and it is in the practice that the healing consciousness, the mystical consciousness of Oneness, is developed.

Your whole work is on the level of God, the only Creator, the only Creation, the only One. This is a spiritual universe. This is the Kingdom of God. But we are seeing it “through a glass darkly.”

In our meditation we see beyond the concepts to what really Is. We enter the Temple, the veil is rent asunder, we penetrate to the Holy of Holies, and we are face to face with God. The Silence thunders within, “Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One,” and the Still Small Voice further whispers: I Am That.”