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Becoming Consciously Aware of the Source

Lorraine Sinkler’s 1970 Miami Butterfly Class

Tape 1, Side 1: Catalog No. 7001

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The Infinite Way is an experience within you of conscious oneness with God. It is a mystical way of life, a reliance on the Source within that knows no limitations. Should your whole world collapse around you, the Presence within, that you touch as you practice this mystical way, will rebuild it anew.

You are to open out a way for this ‘imprisoned splendor’ to pour Itself forth to the whole world. Your Infinity, and my Infinity, is never meant only for our personal benefit. It has come that the whole world might be released from the bondage of fear and concern, to be awakened to the truth of spiritual identity.

This reverses the teaching that we can get God to do something for us. God’s power was never given to you or me to use. It was given that It might use us. We are to be an instrument of this great and glorious Power. It uses us in proportion as we turn within with no desires, no hopes, seeking nothing but the awareness of That which is within us. Then are we beholders, witnesses as It renews and It restores.

We will never know this Source of life until we turn within to discover It. This we call meditation. Our only purpose then, in meditation, is that we might tabernacle with the one Presence within which is forever giving of Itself. God is never withholding, there is no such God. That is why when we meditate, we do not have to think of anything we would like to see accomplished. We drop our problems in the realization that God is forever imparting Itself and we need only be still, be silent enough to let It take over.

Your real destiny, and your real purpose on earth, is that the glory of God within you might be revealed, and that you might be the showing forth of It. As you become the transparency for that Presence and Power, all responsibility, all anxious concern drops away. Then this Presence within begins to live Itself as you. You do not express God, but God expresses Itself as you. The government of your life, therefore, is on Its shoulders.

So we take our stand with Jesus when he said: ‘I can of mine own self do nothing.’ We cannot even meditate. Oh let us never think that we can do that either. But this Father, this presence within us, can do all things. Our function is to be still, not to rush around trying to do and to accomplish. Until It gives us the impetus and It pushes us, we simply stand a little bit aside and watch what It does in us and through us.

We do not need any special words. The intents of the heart, the motive in meditation is what counts. If that motive is pure, single pointed, God will reveal Itself. Sometimes in a moment when we have no awareness of any kind of contact at all, in a moment of no thinking, there is a complete silencing of human planning, thought and will. In that moment, the Glory that was planted in us in the beginning starts to reveal Itself.

When we can’t trust ourselves to God, it makes the way hard. We think somehow or other we have to do something. But the whole secret is to recognize this divine Government that is not is in operation and nothing I can say or do or think is going to begin Its operation. It Now Is, and I can rest in that.

Therefore my meditation is to be still, to put the finger on the lips and to pray that my eyes be opened to the glory that already Is. I am not trying to make anything happen. When I meditate, I turn within in a listening attitude. Sometimes it helps to say: ‘Here I am God, I am listening.’ And then just be still and listen. Don’t get busy and let your mind go around. Do not try to listen for too long. At the beginning, do it only very briefly.

The whole Kingdom of God is within you. It is all that you shall ever need. Whenever there is a seeming need, you have the answer within yourself. You do not have to seek a solution in the outer world. Whether it is a person who is troubling you, a disease, a lack, turn within to the Center, attain that inner silence. Drop your problem, let go of it. Turn within for the one purpose of experiencing this Omnipresence, this Omnipotence, this Omniscience. Then let It go before you to do whatever is necessary.

There is a price, and the price is dedication, a willingness to surrender your hopes, your desires, your fears, a willingness to take the time to touch this Spirit within. Get off the merry-go-round of ‘this world,’ and begin your day in the morning with an awareness that there is something greater than you, that there is a Presence that will go before you ‘to make the crooked places straight and the rough places plain.’ Have a realization that there is a Presence that walks beside you every moment of the day, whether you know it or not. It is walking with you, but now recognize It. Come under Its jurisdiction. Carry It with you consciously wherever you go. Then rejoice in the Christ of God within you as It reveals:

‘Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ.’