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Let I Reinterpret Appearances

Lorraine Sinkler’s 1981 Palm Beach Class

Tape 2, Side 1: Catalog No. 8102

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When God touches us, it is not to increase our human health or wealth. God touches us that we may be lifted into spiritual awareness of life. This is the focus of our spiritual life, to see through every appearance to the Source, to “live and move and have our being in God,” to let God, and to behold God, unfold Its glory.

By what standards do we judge that appearances look dark? We look out here at the physical form or effect and we think it’s bad. How are we judging that it’s bad? By what? If appearances look bright, we that be it? Can any appearance be the truth, even if it’s a “good” appearance? If human disease changed to human health would that be the answer? Well I’m sure some of you are thinking, I’d be might glad to have it happen. But that isn’t the answer because the human health can change tomorrow and continues to change from bad to good and back again, until we are not dealing with effects and we are not trying to change the human picture.

This does not mean we are not supposed to be well and strong and vital and live abundantly. It means that we don’t seek that. Remember? “Seek only Me.” Seek only that I within, seek only that Spirit. Don’t seek for these outer things, and then, it’s so amazing how they come running after you.

We reinterpret. We see through the “good” appearances as well as the “bad” appearances. We are not hypnotized by good health or wealth or companionship. Instead, we turn from harmonious experiences to the spiritually real. We do not deny the good, but recognize that the good is an effect of the Source, which is God.

We must get to the point of non-reaction. It is of the greatest significance not to react to the outer conditions. How? By knowing that what we are seeing out here in this world of effect is only the appearance, and if it’s an appearance, you don’t have to do something about it. You have to reach the stage of consciousness where you know that it is an appearance, and when I say know it, I mean feel it in your very bones.

We look through the appearance, penetrating beyond what we see with the eyes, to what Is. We can only do that if we are anchored and established in the truth that there is only One. As long as you believe in two powers you’re not going to get any place with this. But once you become convinced of the allness of God, of the infinite nature of God, Its goodness, Its perfection and wholeness, then you can see that anything contrary to the perfection of that one divine Consciousness just couldn’t be. It could have no place, no existence, no presence, no substance, no activity, no law, and you could rest in that.

There’s no formula for this, but as we learn to go within, to turn in meditation to the Center within, dropping the problem, not seeking anything, we touch that Center and It takes away our concern and doubt and fear, just by the very fact of touching that Center, which is a center of wholeness and peace and love and joy.

Freedom from the mortal dream of two powers comes from within. That “Peace, be still and know that I am God” quells all the waves of doubt and fear. It fills us with all the strength, courage and certainty that nothing “out here” can destroy.

Contemplative meditation helps us become a beholder of God in action. This is the life of the true mystic, who lives beholding the utter holy beauty, love and grace of that Presence, which functions and operates as all there is. When we are functioning as mystical beholders of that Glory, we can truly say: “Whereas before I was blind, now I see.”

I, the I within you, am come that your joy might be full, that you might have the abundant, glorious, fulfilled life. Only seek the Source, not effect. Demonstrate Cause, not effect. Become consciously aware of the Source, and then knowing that It is all-wisdom, all-love, all-life, let It fulfill Itself as you. Give up your human struggles now, and rest back in spiritual wholeness and fulfillment. For God is the very life of your being. It is now governing every facet of Its life as you.

Rest back in that, and let the peace that is always there at the center of your being fill your mind and body. Let peace permeate every facet of your experience, and your joy will be full.