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Practical Applications of Spiritual Principles

Select what is most spiritually inspiring to you, meditate upon it and work with it until it bears fruitage.

THE ALCHEMY OF AWARENESS, by Lorraine Sinkler, Chapter 9

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“I Live and Move and Have My Being in God”

“I sought after nothing but how to become wholly God’s.
This made me resolve to give the all for the all.
I renounced for the love of Him, everything that was not He,
and I began to live as if there was none but He and I in the world.”
— Brother Lawrence

When we give our “first fruits” to God, our whole day becomes the Holy Temple in which we live and move and have our being in God, for we have embraced the people and activities of our day in the Robe of Spirit, which is our Infinite Divine Consciousness.

“Except the Lord Build the House, They Labor in Vain That Build It.”
If you would walk with God, and talk with God,
if you would take on the mantle of your divine inheritance as God,
give the “first fruits” of your day to God,
whatever time is necessary, to be established in the Presence,

throw it on the sacrificial fire, if you would enter the Temple,
the Temple of your consciousness, the Temple of your day;
then as you stand before the Holy of Holies,
you let God pour through you,
you let God live Its life as you.

Give of Your First Fruits to God

Let your “first fruits” be the time to consciously remember God and to surrender to God, to surrender to God’s presence, to God’s power, to God’s purpose for you as Its transparency and as Its blessing to the world. Give your “first fruits” to God, before you start your day. Give your “first fruits” to God, before you start your telephone conversation, even before you lift the receiver. Give your “first fruits” to God before you come to any meeting, not only an Infinite Way meeting, for all meetings, whether business, or school, or community, whatever, all meetings are God’s meetings. Give your “first fruits” to God before you sit down to any meal, for all meals are God appearing, God maintaining and sustaining Itself, and all interaction at a meal, is God communing with Itself as the Holy One. In this way, throughout your day make of your “first fruits” a humble step forward on the Path, an act of devotion, a holy commitment to God as you, and God as all.

God is the Only Reality of Being and There is Nothing Else
“The time of business does not differ from the time of prayer,
and in the noise and clatter of my kitchen,
while several persons are at the same time calling for different things,
I possess God in as great tranquility as if I were upon my knees at the blessed sacrament.” — Brother Lawrence

Our Goal on the path is to have nothing come between me and God,
to see there is literally no difference between the profound and the profane,
to see they are One, to see God as the one and only Being, Activity, Thing.
To do otherwise is distraction away from the Center God God alone is the Center
and from God springs forth our life, our only life, and the only life of all those who make up our day.

“God’s Grace is My Sufficiency in All Things”

The grace of God is Its gift of Itself as us, and as all of creation.
It is singing Its song within us, and within the world, God’s world, always,
if we will only tune in,
if we will take the time to listen to that “Subtle Sound in the Silence,” to that “Still Small Voice.”