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The Nature of the Mystical Consciousness

Select what is most spiritually inspiring to you, meditate upon it and work with it until it hears fruitage.

THE ALCHEMY OF AWARENESS, by Lorraine Sinkler, Chapter 7

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Basic Spiritual Principles found in this Lesson

The Nature of God as One: God the Infinite One. God—the one infinite Presence, Power, and Intelligence, the one infinite Activity, Substance, Law and Cause, the one infinite Self, all the Infinite One, beside which there is no other.

The Nature of God as Individual Being: We are God Itself Appearing As Individual Being, as that I which is pure Consciousness, and not physicality. We are infinitely Self-complete, nothing can be added to us, and nothing can be taken away, for all is already embodied in the infinite divine Consciousness that we already are as that One, as that I that I already Am.

That which I am seeking I already Am

That which I am striving to get, I already have. That which I am struggling to attain, even if it’s spiritual attainment, I already embody in my Consciousness. My Consciousness is infinite, omnipresent where I Am, and nothing but nothing is outside of that divine Infinity.

God Is ” I Am
God already Is, I already Am That
I Am, It Is,
herein lies my profoundest peace and rest from all this world.

There is nothing to get, nothing to attain. And so I can rest, I can be still and depend utterly on this truth. I can surrender to It, watch for Its instruction, listen for Its direction. I can, in this very moment, right now, give up any belief that the human sense of life is my life, and in that surrender, I can let this divine I that I Am live Its life as me.

I can never lose anything that is part of my Consciousness,
for that which is part of my Consciousness is mine eternally.

If we are to pass through the door of “this world” to enter My Kingdom, we must consciously remove our dependency on the outer pictures of material sense, and put our dependency on the divine I-dentity that we are.

This practice of the principle of our Self-completeness as God, as divine Individuality, is tough, but there is no other way to inherit our divine birthright. If we know in our heart and soul that this is the truth of our Being, then this inner recognition speaks already of the mission we are to fulfill, and we have no choice but to begin.

So let us have the courage then, to make a commitment, right now, to begin making this transition from the man of earth, to the man who has his being in Christ—in his divine I Am-ness—in his divine Self-completeness.

Let us drop, if even for this moment, all this longing, desiring, and struggling for the persons, things, conditions, and attainments of “this world.” Let us turn away from this “vale of tears,” and stand still now, be still now, in the realization that the ground on which we stand is holy ground because God Is, omnipresent where we are, already appearing as us and as all this world. And no matter what picture is tempting us, the only power and reality is that we are One in God, already complete, utterly fulfilled and unfolding as that glory.

Let us go into meditation asking: What have I in my house? What truth about who I am can be the bread, the meat, the wine, the water that will maintain me and sustain me for now, and for as much tie to come as is necessary for this principle to become bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh?

Then let us learn to sit, waiting for an awareness, a recognition to come from within, with no struggle or striving for it, but with surrender and listening only for that inner response that says we have our answer now, which will maintain and sustain us, and that brings with it the inner peace and rest of My Kingdom.

Let us look at every struggle for something or someone in this world, and recognize it as an alarm bell only, which is calling us to go within and to re-establish our Oneness with God and as God, from which comes all our good. And let us stay with these meditations, each day confronting squarely our greatest temptations, until we achieve some measure of freedom from desiring or fearing the things of this world.

This is a great work, so let us not be weary in well-doing, but persist, and persevere with patience, and then more will be given us as we realize, My Kingdom is not of this world, but is the very reality of my Being, the very home in which I dwell, in which all is fulfilled to the glory of God.

Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world and the King of glory shall come in.