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Accepting The Responsibility of an Infinite Way Student

Select what is most spiritually inspiring to you, meditate upon it and work with it until it hears fruitage.

THE ALTITUDE OF PRAYER, by Joel Goldsmith Chapter 9

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‘I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto Me.’

It is not a person who can lift up consciousness at an Infinite Way activity, but the very I of our being, the Christ of our being. It is the Christ that is the teacher and the leader, and that Christ can bubble over in the members of the group as well as in the one who is conducting the meeting.

This is the value in the group work, for not everyone in the group is always at the same high level of consciousness, not even the leader. But someone will be lifted up by the Spirit, and that one will through the lifting, lift everyone else.

We need to work with this principle of opening consciousness, not only for our meetings but that the whole world’s consciousness is opened to receptivity, and to a spiritual message and impulse.

‘Choose you this day whom ye will serve, God or mammon.’

It’s not a question of: Will you serve ‘this world,’ or ‘My Kingdom’?
It’s a question of: Whom are you serving right now, ‘this world,’ or ‘My Kingdom’?
And whom will you choose to continue to serve, ‘this world,’ or ‘My Kingdom’?
Because there is a choice, and you must make it consciously.

Nevertheless, not my will, but ‘Thy will be done’ in me.

Are you turning within so that you are able to be an instrument that lifts the consciousness of an Infinite Way activity, (or any activity, or your household, or your business, or the consciousness of the world)?
Do you know how to do this work?
Do you know the principles involved?
Are you willing to work them; are you willing to make a continuous dedication to God, that It consecrate you to be Its transparency?

You now know that The Infinite Way is an activity of individual consciousness. It is an activity of your consciousness and my consciousness opened to God, dedicated to God, and awake to God.

It is our consciousness awake to God appearing as individual being, awake to God as our enemy, as our neighbor, and awake to all, as our Self.

So, work with the chapter ‘Two or More Gathered Together,’ in THE ALTITUDE OF PRAYER. Work with it to lift the activity in which you participate. Accept the responsibility to lift that activity, even though you may not be the leader. Work with it until you know in your very bones how to do this work, and until you see the clear fruitage of it.

For we are God’s instruments; we are God’s servants. The God whose grace gives us this light, works in us and through us, that we shall let that light shine, and remain in ‘this world,’ as a blessing.

‘Know ye not that ye are the temple of God?’

‘Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.’