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Grace Calling

Select what is most spiritually inspiring to you, meditate upon it and work with it until it hears fruitage.

THE INFINITE WAY LETTERS 1958, by Joel Goldsmith, Chapter Two

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Come ye blessed of the Father,
inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world

If the principles of the nature of God, the nature of individual being, and the nature of error, are the least bit fuzzy to you, first be sure you know the letter of truth, meditate upon it, and practice it until the letter of truth becomes realization and demonstration.

To that end, be sure in your work for yourself, for others, or for the world, that you always include these points:

1. The nature of God as Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence.

2. The nature of individual being as that I which is pure Consciousness, and not physicality. God Itself appearing As…individual being.

3. The nature of error as hypnotism.

The nature of error, as a hypnotic picture, arising out of a universal mesmeric belief in two powers, and having no Creative Principle behind it: it has no presence, no power, no activity, no substance, nor has it a law or an intelligence to maintain it or sustain it.

It has no person, no thing, and no condition in whom, on whom or through whom to operate. Therefore it is a nothingness, a no thing ness, and realizing that, you can dismiss it.

As you work with these principles, in your meditation, they will come more and more alive to you, and no longer be mere words. You will attain the consciousness of them, and that is what does the work.

Remember, when the devil decided to sell all of his tools, there was just one that he would not dispose of. When asked about it, he responded that this was something that never failed: discouragement.

You will feel caught up in the human picture a thousand million times, but each time go right back up into the mountain, knowing the mesmeric sense of all of that and keep the focus on who you really are. The little “I” that feels unworthy will always be unworthy, but the I that you are, that one Self is always worthy—worthy of honor, glory, and praise.

To wish be God’s instrument is the most important and desirable thing in all the world. It is the only real legitimate desire, and it burns in your heart it is your beacon light to greater awareness and unfoldment. There will come the time when you will know that you could not ever be other than God’s instrument because your whole life is now God’s, and It knows how to be that instrument.

Letting God live Its life as you

There are infinite ways for God to live Its life as us, but let us realize that “It is leading us by a way we know not of.” Let us not be afraid if those ways cannot always be seen clearly, or even if we seem to be “failing” at what we think of as our way now. If we surrender our will, and surrender our lives to God, we will be lovingly and surely led step by step to spiritual fulfillment.

One thing we can be sure of and which can guide us on our way is this: the spiritual path is the straight and narrow one, with no room for human ego, or human credit for “good.” Though this sounds harsh, it is helpful because if we take it to heart, we will give up trying to be “spiritual,” and instead we will lean entirely on God for our spiritual life and spiritual progress.

The vision given us is so tremendous and so infinite that when we catch a glimpse of it, we are sometimes appalled at how far from attaining the reality of that vision we are. That is when discouragement and self distrust come in, but we must nip them in the bud. We must recognize that we are on the way to a realization of the Infinite Invisible we already are, a realization of that I that I AM.

When the time is exactly right, when it is most beneficial to our spiritual process, the Divine Omniscience that we are will let us see the fruitage, and let us know that the direction we are taking is the right one. It will never leave us, nor forsake us. That is Its covenant with us all. Sooner or later we will see in the pattern of our life, the tender loving-kindness, the supreme all-love, the all-wisdom of God’s care and direction. We will see It as the reality of our life, and we will trust in It, not with blind faith, but with assurance.