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Why do I feel pressure when meditating or studying?

Some people have a problem when they meditate of feeling a sense of pressure. Or even when they study. This should not be. Some students who have had this experience I have told to stop meditating. Just don’t try to meditate no matter what. Let it alone because your meditation at that particular state is mentalizing, and it can leave you with a sense of pressure or a headache or a neck ache or something else. So, sometimes the thing to do is to stop meditating. But another thing to do is to realize that my mind, and my consciousness, and my body are the temple of God. And into that temple nothing of a disturbing nature can enter, because my mind is stayed on God and it knows only God.

Rest more. Rest more, those of you who get into that bind. Rest more in the consciousness of Is. You had it last night. God is. Just rest in that until you get to the point where you can work more specifically with certain principles. But rest in Is. Feel when you start to meditate as if you’re out there on that ocean on a very still day when it is almost like glass. And you float, you’re floating on it, you’re letting the waters bear you up. So when you sit down to meditate, feel that the Spirit is upholding you, you’re resting in the Spirit. And there is no tension. If you also realize that your mind is the temple of God, you will know that there is no influence from outside that can operate upon you. Then if you have opened yourself to the mental it will just not have any power over you.