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What is the Infinite Way understanding of Spirit?

Well, I wish I could tell you. That’s why it’s such a wonderful word. Spirit and Spiritual. For nobody can really describe it. Nobody can draw a picture of Spirit. Nobody can really tell you what Spirit is. Just the same as nobody can really tell you what God is.

In those moments of quietness, of inner receptivity, God or Spirit reveals Itself to us, but It cannot be described. It is a deep awareness that comes, and when It comes, we know it. This morning, in the meditation before the first hour, that Spirit was here. And It came over me, and I’m sure It must have come over you, like a tremendous wave.

It was so glorious and so beautiful and yet I couldn’t describe It, I couldn’t explain It, but It was the Presence Itself, the Spirit. And that is all that there was or is here. This is a spiritual universe, and it’s peopled only with spiritual beings which you are and which I am. That spiritual being that is now complete and perfect.