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Why do you say we are butterflies?

We all become butterflies. We are all butterflies as is, even though we may right at this minute be creeping along at the worm state of consciousness, which is the human state of consciousness. The butterfly is a beautiful symbol of the work of the Infinite Way, which is the transformation of consciousness. That’s the function of the Infinite Way. That consciousness be transformed and that the human state of consciousness be swallowed up in the divine consciousness until there is no human state anymore, there is just the divine consciousness, I expressing and revealing Itself.

In the human state of consciousness — the caterpillar state or worm state — we creep along, inch our way along, and we encounter all kinds of obstacles. It seems as if it’s an obstacle race. And wherever we turn and throughout the day we run into one kind of an obstacle or another. And they’re big and difficult to climb over. In the butterfly state of consciousness, what appeared as obstacles are no longer obstacles because we are above them. The caterpillar might take quite a little while to climb over the obstacle of this table. But the butterfly would fly over it. It would be no problem. The table might still be here, but it wouldn’t act as an obstacle or a barrier to the butterfly. The reason I said the table may still be here is because even in the butterfly state of consciousness there may still be what appears to the world as problems. But we no longer give them power to destroy our peace or that quietness and assurance that has come with the transformation of consciousness. So let us all dedicate ourselves now to becoming butterflies and flying about.

How does the caterpillar become a butterfly? Is it not that the caterpillar crawls along — and I don’t know very much about the history, I should have looked it up about the lifecycle of a caterpillar — but it crawls along and then it goes into a period of silence, doesn’t it? Isn’t there a resting period, a period of apparent inactivity? And then out of that emerges the butterfly. We too inch our way along and then we reach a point of inner silence, inner peace, and that inner peace transforms and renews consciousness until the human consciousness is dissolved and there is only this butterfly or spiritual consciousness. It comes through the silence.

And that brings us to this whole question of healing. Healing is a by-product of this transformation of consciousness. Many people turn to the Infinite Way or other metaphysical or spiritual teachings because they are seeking healing. That’s what they think. They have an ache or a pain or a lack or something of that sort, and they want it changed. But really, what it is, is that divine urge within them toward perfection. That’s what’s functioning. For within each one of us there is this urge toward the perfection that is now, but which we have not yet fully realized. And it appears to us, that urge, as a need for healing, but what it is is an urge for this transformation of consciousness which will change us into butterflies so that we can fly above the problems of this world. In the human state of consciousness, never doubt that problems are very real and very powerful. It would be utterly ridiculous to say that there is no power in this or that or the other thing to a human being because to him there is power in it, and according to his belief so it is. But in the butterfly state of consciousness, that is not any longer a power.