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What is the Anti-Christ?

What is the Anti-Christ? Well, what is the Christ? First we have to know what that is. Is the Christ a man who lived two thousand years ago? Or is the Christ the spirit of God within us? Was there only one person who had the Christ or are there many? Is the Christ within you? Yes, the Christ is your identity because the Christ is the son of God and you are that son. Now then, the Anti-Christ would be anything that would be aimed at the unfoldment or progress or life of the Christ. And for you to miss a spiritual experience because of the suggestions of this world would certainly be the Anti-Christ.

There are people who came to this class who found it very difficult to get here. But I’m sure that they recognized that those difficulties were nothing but the Anti-Christ, that which would obstruct and obscure the spiritual unfoldment of individual being. So it is in our meditation; sometimes it seems so difficult to meditate. We must realize that the difficulty is no part of the Spirit, this gentle Presence within me which is the answer to every problem.