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What are the three words that summarize this message?

Yes, the Infinite Way is an experience based on principles. Principles of spiritual living and spiritual healing. And all of these are found in the many writings of Joel Goldsmith. I think there must be thirty books now, or approximately thirty. And in each of these books, these principles are set forth, but in each book in just a little different way. They give you the foundation on which to build a life that is devoted to this search within so that you have a guide along the way. The principles are the guide. And you are not just wandering aimlessly, but there are these guideposts of principles to help you. And one of the greatest is a very little tiny word. In fact, the whole of the Infinite Way could be summed up in three little words. And some of you are smiling because you are so familiar with them. Three wonderful little words, and they’re all one syllable. And the biggest word has three letters, and the others only two.

The first word is As. Now you wouldn’t think that you could build a spiritual life and spiritual healing, which is a product of this work, on such a little word, but so it is. For the truth is that there is a God, a presence, so infinite, so infinite, so big, so tremendous, so all encompassing, that there is room for nothing else. And therefore, there really isn’t any room for you or for me, except As. As? That. And so one principle is that this presence, this infinite power, appears As you and As me, that you and I and all the rest of the world’s people are the showing forth of that infinity. There isn’t this infinity and, this infinity and something over here, there can’t be. There is just that infinity, that one. But it has infinite ways of expressing and revealing Itself. Therefore, a cardinal principle is: God appears As individual being. Just that one thing could lift you so high. How could God appearing As individual being have a problem? Well now, how could it? That just about eliminates every problem. Now of course, the only hitch is, that this has to be realized, it can’t be just some words. But God appearing As individual being could not possibly have a problem. And that’s all there is of you or of me. So the little word As, not “and” but As, not God and, but God, this divine infinite presence, As. Just contemplate that for the next days.

And then there is another one, it’s very like it, and that’s One. There is only One, there are not two, there is only One. One presence, one power, one life, one law, one activity, one substance, just One. And all it is must be of the nature of that One. And we won’t go into it, I’m just presenting it to you now so that when you do go back to some of these writings, you will look for it.

And finally, the little word Is. In God, there is no “has been” and there is no “will be”. No. There’s only Is. That it Is now. And the only time that God knows is now. You are not going to be better tomorrow. You are not going to feel better tomorrow. You are not going to have more tomorrow, because it Is now. And now is the only moment. If you would be alive, drop the past and drop the future. Don’t allow yourself to go into the future one second, and don’t hang on to a dead past. The only moment we can be alive is now, and so we abide in the Isness that Is. The Isness in which God Is appearing As individual being As the One and the only One.

Now anchored in those three principles of As, Is and One you have a firm foundation, you will never be tempted to go to some great power to do something to some lesser power because you will know that there is only One. And you will never be tempted to think something is going to be changed later. You will know that all that Is is now. And you will know that there is not God and anything.