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On the Verge of Passing On

What can we do for those that are on the verge of passing on? All right, let us suppose that we are faced with someone close to us or someone not close to us. Someone we know very well or someone we have never met. And the claim is that this person is very close to making the transition. Now, we are the ones who are giving spiritual help to this person. How? How do we do it? Do we meditate to keep that person here? Do we meditate to make it easy for that person to move into a new experience? No.

We realize the One Life, that for that One Life which knows no beginning and no ending, being infinite, has infinite ways of fulfilling Itself. And almost always, the words that come to me are “spiritual fulfillment”. And I have no way of knowing how that spiritual fulfillment is to take place. Except that I know that it will be an ongoing, expanding experience. It’s really an experience of boundless bliss and joy, for that is the nature of spiritual fulfillment. And it can take place right here.

And through that realization the person can be lifted up right here and now and prove that “yet in my flesh shall I see God”. But on the other hand, the person may move on to another experience, another chapter. We do not know, and that is why we cannot say “it must be this way or that way”. And working from the standpoint of God fulfilling Itself as individual being sets a person free, free to experience the fulfillment of God.