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Is there a listing of Infinite Way leaders and their cities?

Well, we’ve never had such a listing, and I’m not sure that is necessary. When people ask me that question, I often say that your consciousness is infinite, and your consciousness will unfold as whatever it is that is necessary for your own spiritual unfoldment. And if it is to be a part of a group, that group will find you, or you will find it. You cannot be separated from your good when you know that it flows forth from Within, but you have to know that. So if you are realizing that the divine consciousness, which is my individual consciousness, appears as whatever is necessary to my unfoldment, whatever is necessary will appear. But you notice you don’t say that it appears as a tape group. Do you see the point? You don’t say my consciousness, a divine consciousness which is my individual consciousness, must appear as a tape group. How do you know that you need a tape group? How do you know you need a practitioner? You’ve got it all within you, and this is what we have to realize more and more. And that’s the blessed freedom of The Infinite Way, that we look to no man or woman for anything.

Does that sound like a lonely life? Not necessarily, because if someone is necessary as the fulfillment of our experience, never doubt that person will appear if she or he has to come from the ends of the earth. It can’t fail, it never has failed, for those who know that truth. But the trouble is, we all think we know what we should have, and that divine consciousness, being an infinite Wisdom, knows only fulfillment, and sometimes what we think we should have would be the worst thing for fulfillment there could possibly be. So, trust your consciousness. Some people think, too, “I am not growing spiritually as fast as I should.” How do you know how fast you should grow? That’s individual. I remember Joel said to me once, “Lorraine, what’s your hurry? You’ve got a billion million years.” It’s infinite, and there’s no time. And what is a million billion years? It’s just now. It’s right now. The only reason you could ever feel concerned is if you are not setting aside those periods to turn within to let the Infinity that you are flow forth as fulfillment.