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Living the Illumined Life

Living the Illumined Life

The 1972 Letters by Joel S. Goldsmith

Edited by Lorraine Sinkler

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Living the Illumined Life sets forth the foundation for unfolding and establishing our transcendental consciousness. This volume includes important material on the teacher student relationship — not to be missed — and concludes with the unparalleled chapter, “Spiritual Illumination.”

It is illumination to awaken and realize that you are free; the fetters are fallen, man no longer binds you mentally or physically; man no longer restricts you; man no longer dominates you, because you are looking above the head of man or you are looking right through his eyes to the center of his soul or you are looking deep into his heart, and there you find this inner Presence. You rest in that Presence, and you cease concern about man. This is spiritual illumination. This is the difference between the unillumined who walk in doubt and fear, and the illumined who walk without fear, by Grace.