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Living by the Word

Living by the Word

The 1971 Letters by Joel S. Goldsmith

Edited by Lorraine Sinkler

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Using scriptural passages to illustrate key principles, Joel explains what it means to understand scripture, not as words in a book, but as the Word which can be experienced within our very own consciousness. He teaches, “A passage of truth, which is really understood, is bread, meat, wine, and water. It is your spiritual good, your spiritual medicine; it is your spiritual rejuvenation, your spiritual rebirthing.

Each chapter in Living by the Word unfolds an aspect of what it means to find this inner Word, this consciousness within – working with Scripture and understanding the Bible in a new way; opening consciousness to Truth; making daily contact with God; living life by Grace; understanding the will of God; living as a child of God in the world – finally what it means to live a life in and as this Word in the world.

You are living a human life that is lived on a merry-go-round; but the moment you begin to maintain truth in your consciousness, you are maintaining your contact with your spiritual Source, and then you are fed from within, prospered from within, instructed from within, and healed from within. Everything comes from within, but remember it does not come from within your flesh and blood: it comes from the word of truth within which you have established in your consciousness.