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I Stand on Holy Ground

I Stand on Holy Ground

The 1976 Letters by Joel S. Goldsmith

Edited by Lorraine Sinkler

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Picking up where the fifth volume, A Message for the Ages, left off, this book takes up what it means to live by spiritual principles. Goldsmith says over and over again that nothing takes place outside of consciousness – “That which I am seeking I am.” But he reminds his readers to experience that as a way of life, “you must first develop your consciousness… The degree of consciousness that you develop will determine your outward life – the life of the body, the life of the purse, and the life you experience in your community and family.”

Among topics covered in this book about developing spiritual consciousness are: practicing the Presence, meditation as the door to fulfillment, spiritual supply, living by grace and self-purification. This is a volume of great depth which is at the same time a practical guide about attaining spiritual freedom — the realization of oneness.