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A Message for the Ages

A Message for the Ages

The 1975 Letters by Joel S. Goldsmith

Edited by Lorraine Sinkler

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In this book the reader will find an in depth study of the spiritual principles of Joel Goldsmith – the nature of God, the nature of Prayer and the nature of Error. Not merely a presentation of Goldsmith’s teachings, this book continues an in depth exploration of what it means to develop the consciousness, the actual experience, of God as the law of omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence.

Chapters include: “Now I See”; Infinite Way Pearls; The Simplicity of the Healing Truth; Educating the Human Mind Out of Itself; and, Christ-Consciousness As a Universal Experience.

Take Consciousness away, and is there an I? Take Consciousness away and is there any awareness? Take Consciousness away, and is there form? All the form there is, is Consciousness formed. Is beauty anything but Consciousness formed of beauty? If you think of truth or if you think of love, is it not your consciousness of truth or of love that you are showing forth to the world? So love, life and truth are forms of Consciousness, and the more illumined an individual is spiritually, the higher degree of love, truth, and life he will express.

For those who are engaged in a serious study of the spiritual principles of Goldsmith, A Message for the Ages introduces a new section at the end of several of the chapters in the book, on teaching the Infinite Way principles. This section was taken from classes which were recorded in special sessions by Goldsmith in 1963.