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2013 Study Guide

The freedom that this book reveals is a state of permanent freedom. It is not the freedom we experience when we recover from some disease, for in that state we always know or expect that some other ailment can afflict us. It is not the freedom from lack that a wonderful new job or large inheritance may bring us, for these also can fail us.

The freedom expressed in this book by Joel S. Goldsmith is a freedom already within us, which is arrived at through the discipline of knowing the truth, the truth about God, man and “the nature of error” and standing firm in these truths. As he says “if we are not abiding in the Word and letting the Word abide in us, all the evils of this world can come near our dwelling place.

The trustees of the Valor Foundation have chosen the Infinite Way Letters of 1981, The Only Freedom, for the 2013 Study Guide. This is the eleventh of the eleven book series made up of The 1971-1981 Infinite Way Letters, prepared and edited by Lorraine Sinkler, from Joel S. Goldsmith’s tape recorded classwork. They are fine-quality soft cover books which include Scriptural References and Notes, as well as a listing of the recorded classes corresponding to each chapter of the book. In this way students can work with the cassettes, CDs or MP3s along with each monthly letter. The Valor Website also provides suggestions for using Lorraine’s class work with each month’s study.

Throughout this book Goldsmith shows us how to find “the liberty of the sons of God” within ourselves. He never says that it will be easy, but he does explain that freedom and fulfillment are the end result. (The 1981 Letters)

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“A Message for the New Year”
The Only Freedom, Chapter 1The 1977 Sydney, Australia Special Class
Tape 1; Side 2; Catalog No. 7706 – Establishing Christ-Consciousness Universally
“Neither Do I Condemn Thee”
The Only Freedom, Chapter 2The 1981 Palm Beach Closed Class
Tape 2; Side 1; Catalog No. 8102 – Let I Reinterpret Appearance
“Letting God Reveal Itself”
The Only Freedom, Chapter 3The 1977 Chicago Class
Tape 1; Side 2; Catalog No. 7710 – Meditation
“Progressive Unfoldment”
The Only Freedom, Chapter 4The 1984 Florida Closed Class
Tape 3; Side 2; Catalog No. 8405 – Morning Preparation for the Day
“A Purified Consciousness”
The Only Freedom, Chapter 5The 1982 Chicago Closed Class
Tape 5; Side 2; Catalog No. 8205 – Living Out From Unlimited Consciousness
“The Discipline of Knowing the Truth”
The Only Freedom, Chapter 6The 1981 Palm Beach Closed Class
Tape 2; Side 2; Catalog No. 8102 – How Truth Becomes Realized Consciousness
“Where the Spirit of the Lord Is, There Is Liberty”
The Only Freedom, Chapter 7The 1972 Vail, Colorado, Closed Class
Tape 2; Side 1; Catalog No. 7202 – Living in the Rhythm of The Spirit
“God Realized”
The Only Freedom, Chapter 8The 1978 Palm Beach Class
Tape 2; Side 1; Catalog No. 7816 – Realizing God’s Government of the Day
“Starting the Mystical Life”
The Only Freedom, Chapter 9The 1972 Vail, Colorado, Closed Class
Tape 3; Side 2; Catalog No. 7203 – The Basis for the Mystical Life
“Surrendering the Human Sense of Health, Supply, and Peace”
The Only Freedom, Chapter 10The 1977 Sydney, Australia Class
Tape 2; Side 1; Catalog No. 7704 – Dispersing the Clouds of Material Sense
“Making Your Contact with God”
The Only Freedom, Chapter 11The 1982 Chicago Closed Class
Tape 4; Side 1; Catalog No. 8204 – Establishing a Consciousness of Oneness
“Peace on Earth A Christmas Story”
The Only Freedom, Chapter 12The 1978 Palm Beach Class
Tape 4; Side 2; Catalog No. 7818 – Establishing Christ-Consciousness Universally