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Showing Forth the Presence of God

Showing Forth the Presence of God

The 1980 Letters by Joel S. Goldsmith

Edited by Lorraine Sinkler

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The theme and focus of this book is at the heart of the message of Joel Goldsmith – that within each of us dwells a living and immediate presence, the spirit of God, which is as close to us as our breathing. Chapter by chapter, the author unfolds insightful and hands-on instruction on how to discover this presence which lies within each of us. More importantly he illustrates with great care, how this awareness will generate a new aliveness and freedom in our day to day affairs.

It is the nature of God that we be free. It is the nature of God that we be whole,” Goldsmith exclaims and then goes on to emphasize who “we” are “The son of God is more than a man who lived two thousand years ago; the son of God is the spirit of God that dwelt in the man Jesus, and that dwells in every man, therefore, the son of God is present in you and me.” Discovering that son of God within us, and then knowing what it means to express that in our world, is the message of this volume, one which is particularly relevant today.”

By knowing the truth that we are sons of God, we come to realize that the universe is not outside of us, but is embodied within our consciousness: “There is no selfhood apart from God,” Goldsmith explains, “nor is there a creation apart from God. What we call a material creation is not a material creation: it is a material sense of creation… everything in this universe answers, responds, and is subject to the divine consciousness which is God.