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God Formed Us For His Glory

God Formed Us For His Glory

The 1978 Letters by Joel S. Goldsmith

Edited by Lorraine Sinkler

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This book is a beautiful portrayal of our true identity. Goldsmith asks “Do we know our true identity? Do we know who we are? For therein lies the secret. Are we human beings? Are we sinners? Are we mortal? Is that our identity or is that a mistaken concept of ourselves which we must outgrow, outlive, and outlearn?

Throughout this book the author outlines ways to uncover and express the beauty and splendor that is our right heritage. These ways will set us free to live joyous and fulfilling lives.

Goldsmith points out that the main way to release this true “I” within us is through meditation. He says “… the experience of meditation ultimately becomes an individual one. You, yourself have to come to a place within you where a release comes, where there is an awareness of an inner contract. Then there are signs following: harmony, healing and all good.” This is grace, but without that contact, grace cannot flow to us.

This exciting book reveals the truth about our identity, which when correctly discovered will bring to us and the world peace and fulfillment.